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In Vitro Fertilization

When you’ve dreamed of having your own family, when you’ve planned for the future and done everything to prepare... infertility can be devastating. Faced with fertility problems, you reconsider everything – the whole direction of your life. But have you given yourself every opportunity? For even the most challenging reproductive health issues, in vitro fertilization offers hope. It’s a monumental step that requires courage, patience and great strength, but know that you are not alone.

The Reproductive Gynecology team is here for you with expertise, state-of-the-art technology and genuine support and compassion. Proceeding with IVF requires a great deal of trust. Our success rates and reputation for excellent care (among patients and other physicians alike) inspire confidence, so you can go forward knowing you’re doing what’s best for you and your family.

Learn about the benefits of IVF with Reproductive Gynecology here. Then call to further explore how we can help you create the family of your dreams.

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Enhanced IVF with Your Comfort in Mind

Helping you have the baby you want while maintaining your comfort and trust... This is exactly what our IVF Program is all about. Reproductive Gynecology provides office-based IVF. That means all evaluations, monitoring and IVF procedures are performed on-site. This allows our team to provide exceptionally personal, attentive care. More importantly, our office-based approach allows us to control quality and maximize the benefits of close-proximity labs and procedure rooms to give you the best possible results.

Our Akron facility is home to all the resources necessary to safely carry out a complete IVF cycle, including state-of-the-art embryology and andrology laboratories, cryopreservation capabilities and patient environments designed for your comfort.

Highlights of Our Technological Capabilities

  • Blastocyst culture – Often, our embryologists can culture embryos to the stage required for optimal implantation... before the embryos are transferred. This is key to the carefully controlled transfers that minimize the risk for multiple births at Reproductive Gynecology.
  • ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) - If you’ve been through IVF previously without success, or if there is a known issue with your husband or male partner’s sperm, this micromanipulation technique can improve your results. With ICSI, a single sperm (the healthiest sperm available, preselected in our andrology lab) is inserted directly into an egg, avoiding many of the problems associated with fertilization using multiple sperm. ICSI can be used with cryopreserved sperm or those obtained via surgical extraction, even after vasectomy.
  • Assisted hatching – Another micromanipulation technique, assisted hatching helps the embryo successfully implant in the uterus by microscopically removing a section of the embryo’s outer “shell” before transfer.
  • Preimplantation genetic diagnosis – If there is a history of certain genetic problems in your family, or if you’ve experienced repeated pregnancy loss due to genetic abnormalities, PGD can help. Using a single cell, and without harming the embryo, PGD is used to identify genes for many genetic diseases, including cystic fibrosis, certain types of muscular dystrophy and many others.
  • Ultrasound-guided embryo transfer – Used for precise placement of embryos, this technique has been shown in research to provide significantly improved results over the traditional transfer method.

Expertise You Can Trust, Care You Deserve

Your IVF team is led by our founder and medical director, Dr. Richard W. Moretuzzo. Dr. Moretuzzo has spent more than 20 years at the forefront of in vitro fertilization, as a clinician, researcher, educator and leader. He works closely with Drs. David M. Nash, Stephen B. Mooney, Priya B. Maseelall, and Akas Jain to provide you with the finest subspecialized care with IVF. The Reproductive Gynecology team also includes caring, highly experienced infertility nurses and embryologists. The team collaborates through all phases of IVF, assessing your progress, responding to any specific concerns that arise and making sure your treatment is going according to plan.

In addition to the considerable expertise of our team, we believe you’ll appreciate the focused, highly personalized care we offer. You and your partner will receive an in-depth education, guidance in your decision-making process and complete support throughout your care. We work with a licensed psychologist to assist you and offer 24-hour access during your treatment cycles. And through it all, we remain sensitive and responsive to your every need. This focus on your well-being can make IVF a perfect choice for you.

Reproductive Gynecology's Exceptional Results with IVF

Assessing success rates for IVF is complicated, yet it’s an important measure of a program’s quality. As members of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, we are required to report our success rates annually. The Society then provides the data to the Centers for Disease Control for inclusion in “Assisted Reproductive Technology Reports,” the latest of which can be accessed online.

Reproductive Gynecology is proud to report success rates that are consistently and significantly above state and national averages. Talk with Dr. Moretuzzo, Dr. Nash, Dr. Maseelall, Dr. Mooney, or Dr. Jain. They will be pleased to discuss success rates with you. Embrace your dreams... We’re here to help make them come true.

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