Fertility Clinic Success Rates and FAQs

If you’re considering fertility treatment, and live in Ohio, there are many things to consider before making a treatment decision. In addition to finding a conveniently located fertility center and skilled physician you feel comfortable with, it’s important to learn about—and understand—their fertility success rates so you can make an informed decision.

Fertility clinics with high success rates may improve your chances of conception

Reproductive Gynecology & Infertility (RGI) is proud to display our Embryology Lab Success Rates on the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology’s (SART) website, which demonstrate the quality of our practice. In addition to success rates that are above the national average for both fresh and frozen cycles, we also offer a unique IVF 100% Success Guaranteed Plan, to maximize your chance of conception without the financial risk. When you’re ready to make one of the most important decisions of your life, it’s important to look for fertility clinics with the following characteristics:

  • Board-certified reproductive endocrinologists
  • Medical malpractice records
  • Skilled medical team with extensive experience in fertility diagnosis and treatment
  • Fertility success rates
  • Hospital affiliations
  • Insurance coverage and finance programs
  • Convenient location and hours

Frequently asked questions about fertility treatments

If you and your partner have been trying to conceive for more than 12 consecutive months and are considering fertility treatments, there are many important questions to consider. The skilled medical team at RGI is ready to assist you and has created a list of frequently asked questions to help you get started on your fertility journey.

If you’d like more information about the RGI fertility clinic, our success rates for your specific diagnosis and treatment or the IVF 100% Success Guaranteed Plan, please contact us. Our fertility centers are conveniently located in South Cleveland, Columbus, Akron, Canton, and Youngstown. If you’re ready to take the next step on your fertility journey with us, please schedule an initial consultation by calling 844-707-1296.

What Our Patients Say About Us

“RGI is amazing, start to finish. They never make you feel anything but comfortable. Thank you all for your compassion and care!”
“Thank you for everything the RGI team has done for our family! Everyone has been amazing, and we are grateful for your skills.”
“A wonderful place! I would highly recommend RGI to anyone who is in the same position as me and my husband.”
“Thank you! Everyone is extremely caring and professional. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”
“RGI went above and beyond to make my husband and me comfortable and happy with the care they gave us!”
“We had a wonderful experience with the RGI staff during our IVF cycle. All staff were kind, friendly and very informative! We felt comfortable at every visit and each procedure. The staff at RGI are wonderful and made our IVF journey a great experience. We are so thankful!”

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