LGBTQ+ Family Building

LGBTQ+ Family Building For Everyone

At RGI, we are proud to be a chosen fertility partner for many aspiring LGBTQ+ parents on their family-building journeys.

We recognize the distinct paths to parenthood taken by each person hoping to build their family. Our commitment to our patients is to offer comprehensive and empathetic fertility services tailored to everyone. We invite you to discover our treatment options that support lesbians, gay men, and transgender individuals and couples as they pursue the joy of starting their own families.

Fertility Treatments for Lesbian Couples

We help lesbian couples grow the families they’ve dreamed of by providing several fertility treatments tailored to their needs. Options include intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilization (IVF), and reciprocal IVF. These treatments typically involve the selection of donor sperm, either from someone known to the couple or an anonymous individual.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI): IUI is a process in which sperm is directly placed into the uterus to help the sperm reach and fertilize the egg. In this treatment, the person planning to carry the child will be inseminated with sperm from a chosen donor.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF): Through IVF, we can retrieve eggs from one individual, fertilize them with donor sperm, and implant the embryo into the uterus. It is up to the couple to select a sperm donor and decide who will become pregnant.

Reciprocal IVF: This procedure is similar to traditional IVF but allows both partners to participate in the process of conception. One partner’s egg is used, and after fertilization with donor sperm, the embryo is transferred to their partner’s uterus. This offers a shared biological link to the child.

Donor Sperm: Couples with eggs will require a sperm donor to become pregnant. A sperm donor may be known to the couple or selected through a sperm bank. To simplify this process, RGI collaborates with various reputable donor sperm agencies, although couples are welcome to choose their own sperm bank.

Fertility Treatments for Gay Men

We fully support gay men and couples with sperm through their journey to parenthood. This is done through in vitro fertilization with a donor egg and a gestational surrogate.

In Vitro Fertilization: Sperm quality testing is performed for the individual(s) contributing sperm. Following testing, an egg donor and a gestational surrogate are chosen. The eggs are then fertilized with sperm and the embryos are implanted in a surrogate.

We also offer the option of split cycle IVF, in which donor eggs are divided into two groups and fertilized by each partner’s sperm. Embryos from each group can then be carried by surrogates, allowing both partners to have a genetic link to their children.

At RGI, we practice single embryo transfers to ensure the healthiest and safest experience for babies and surrogates. Because of this, split cycle IVF may involve multiple surrogates or the same surrogate in separate pregnancies.

Donor Egg: A journey involving two sperm providers will involve an egg donor to conceive. Egg donors may be someone the intended parents know, or a donor may be selected from an egg bank.

RGI is a proud partner of the Pinnacle Fertility network, through which all patients receive access to Pinnacle Egg Bank. Pinnacle Egg Bank offers a diverse range of medically vetted egg donors for families to choose from.

Gestational Surrogacy: A gestational surrogate carries the pregnancy with no biological link to the child. The embryos used for the pregnancy are made from donor eggs and the intended parent’s sperm, meaning the baby will have a genetic link to one partner and the egg donor.

As part of the Pinnacle Fertility network, you also receive exclusive access to Pinnacle Surrogacy, which offers a robust network of committed and thoroughly vetted surrogates.

Fertility Paths for Transgender Individuals and Couples

We make sure that the fertility process is comfortable and welcoming for everyone. Whether you are considering family-building or looking to preserve fertility before gender-affirming treatment, trans individuals and couples have several fertility options with us.

Fertility Preservation: Trans individuals may opt for sperm or egg freezing before starting gender-affirming treatments like hormone replacement therapy or surgery, preserving the potential for biological parenthood in the future.

For Patients Not On Hormones: Those not on hormones and who haven’t had gender-affirming surgery can consider IUI, IVF, and reciprocal IVF.

For Patients On Hormones: If you've started hormone therapy, a pause in treatment might be required to optimize fertility. Eggs require a six-month hormone pause, while sperm typically require a three to six-month pause.

Inclusivity isn’t just a buzzword for us. We take pride in being true advocates for LGTBQ+ communities and welcome all families to grow.

We help lesbian couples grow the family they’ve dreamed of. This is typically done through IUI, IVF, Reciprocal IVF or by using Donor Eggs.

We fully support gay men through their journey to parenthood. This is done through IVF or an IVF split cycle.

We welcome transgender couples and make sure to make the fertility process comfortable and welcoming. Trans individuals and couples have several options regarding fertility.

Start Your Parental Journey With Us

RGI values diversity and is dedicated to providing the LGBTQ+ community with compassionate, inclusive, expert fertility care.

What Our Patients Say About Us

RGI made our dreams come true! And Samantha’s gift of hope….there really aren’t words to express how they changed our lives. We won their grant in 2019 and it has continued to bless us several years later. Every time we make a financial decision I think of SGH and how I don’t know if it’d be possible if it wasn’t for them.
RGI and Samantha’s Gift of Hope has forever changed our lives in the best way possible because they have given us the greatest gift we could ever get—our sweet daughter. We have this joy of being parents we had previously only dreamed about, and honestly weren’t sure we would ever have. Now, everyday is filled with baby giggles and snuggles, cheering her on to her next milestone (which is currently crawling), and trying to be the best parents we can be. We will never be able to repay RGI and Samantha’s Gift of Hope, but we will forever be grateful to them and are daily reminded of it.
RGI made it possible for us to experience the joys of becoming parents. There is no greater feeling or love in this world that we’ve experienced than bringing Liam into this world. We truly understand the miracle and blessings babies are. SGOH we will forever feel grateful for. We cannot thank Lisa, Matt and Sam enough for their generosity and helping couples pay towards their IVF journeys. Honestly, SGOH really does provide HOPE. Winning the grant also helped us to feel like this is really happening, it’s meant to be.
Because of Samantha’s Gift of Hope, our dream of having a child came true. We could focus more on each step of the process and keep a positive attitude through it all instead of constantly worrying about what things cost and how we would make it work. Now, our sweet Tenley girl is 1 week old and I continue to be thankful each day for the opportunity Samantha’s Gift of Hope gave us. We are now living out our favorite roles as mom and dad and are filled with so much love for our little girl!
“RGI is amazing, start to finish. They never make you feel anything but comfortable. Thank you all for your compassion and care!”
“Thank you for everything the RGI team has done for our family! Everyone has been amazing, and we are grateful for your skills.”
“A wonderful place! I would highly recommend RGI to anyone who is in the same position as me and my husband.”
“Thank you! Everyone is extremely caring and professional. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”
“RGI went above and beyond to make my husband and me comfortable and happy with the care they gave us!”
“We had a wonderful experience with the RGI staff during our IVF cycle. All staff were kind, friendly and very informative! We felt comfortable at every visit and each procedure. The staff at RGI are wonderful and made our IVF journey a great experience. We are so thankful!”

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