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Gestational Surrogacy

Gestational Surrogacy can be the Right Path Forward To Build Your Dream Family

Traditional Surrogacy vs Gestational Surrogacy

A surrogate mother, who traditionally uses her own egg while the intended father’s sperm is artificially inseminated. In gestational surrogacy, both the sperm and egg are provided by the intended parents (or donors). The intended mother or egg donor goes through an IVF cycle and her eggs are retrieved.

What Is IVF Surrogacy?

IVF surrogacy uses a third-party “gestational surrogate” to carry the pregnancy when a patient is unable to carry a baby to term herself. The gestational surrogate signs a contract with the intended parent or parents to undergo an embryo transfer procedure using embryos created through IVF. In all cases, the gestational surrogate has no genetic ties to the baby.

Quality Gestational Carriers and Expedited Matching with Pinnacle Surrogacy

At RGI, our patients have a unique advantage as members of the esteemed Pinnacle Fertility network - they have access to Pinnacle Surrogacy, formerly known as Premium Surrogacy, a renowned service that expedites the process of finding a gestational carrier (surrogate) for patients of fertility practices within the Pinnacle network.

What sets Pinnacle Surrogacy apart from other surrogacy agencies is its team of experienced surrogacy coordinators who have all personally undergone their own surrogacy journey. They possess a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and support available to intended parents and gestational carriers (surrogates) throughout the process, ensuring a seamless and successful experience for all involved parties.

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Why Choose Gestational Surrogacy?

IVF surrogacy provides the ability to have a child who shares the genetics of both the mother and father, even when pregnancy is not possible for the woman. Some women are medically unable to carry a child to term but are still able to produce healthy eggs, making surrogacy a great option.

Typical Screening Process

Gestational Carrier (GC): Background screening, Medical screening & Psychological screening.Intended Parent(s): Background screening, Psychological screening, Genetic screening (for eggs and sperm used in IVF) & Financial information.

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